Researching the Northeast using @MrNussbaum .com and taking notes using box and bullets. Love all the discussions that start with “wow”!


Ten Useful Skills You Might Find Yourself Developing As A Homeschooling Mom via @SReliantSchool

Your #homeschool isn't broken. It's in need of a mid-year reboot. #ihsnet @emily_copeland

C. S. Lewis Lesson Plan for High School

Lesson Plan For Homeschool Mom Sick Day

Mark your Calendars: January 17th #MuseumSelfie is Back!


How #museumselfie, #emojiarthistory, #askacurator, google and VR are reshaping #museum experiences and opportunities. The Digitized Museum via @ArtinAmerica #relevance #KOONS IS GREAT FOR SELFIES! (@WhitneyMuseum)

There are only four ACT test dates remaining for the 2017-18 school year! Here are the test dates and registration deadlines.

I know. You’re a homeschooling mom and you spend a ton of time with your kids. So why in the world would you need one-on-one time with each of them? #ihsnet

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A Living Education Workshop
Jan 26 - 27, 2018
Crosspoint Student Ministry
at East Gadsden Baptist Church
Gadsden, AL

"Whether you've just heard of Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education, or you've been practicing it for years you are invited to come enjoy, relax, and share in this opportunity of learning and fellowship.

Charlotte herself encouraged parents and educators to continue their own education; to be partaking in the feast of ideas. We aim to provide just such an opportunity. Come and partake in a delectable feast of information, with a wonderfully inspiring atmosphere that will provide practical help on how to implement CM's philosophy and rejuvenate your love for learning.

While we break bread together, share and discuss ideas, and build up our CM tribe, we will be hear from local CMer's. We will learn a bit about nature in our neck of the woods, listen to folk music, discover the need for personal rejuvenation, the wonder of the book of books, and what science in a CM education looks like from elementary to high school."

Please click the link below for registration information.

3 Practical Ways to Become a Better Homeschooling Teacher - Kris Bales

"We homeschooling parents often wonder if we're doing enough and teaching the right things.We may wonder if we're qualified to teach our children and what we can do to become more effective instructors."