How to have an Attitude of Gratitude via @TOSMag

Enjoy your Christmas preparations by capturing learning opportunities in everything you do. via @B_Letchford

PATHWAYS' FAMILY REMINDER: The last office day for this semester is this Thursday, November 16, 2017! -

Are you homeschoolers independent? 🤔 Independent learning is good for not only your child but also for you! #independentlearning #homeschool #learningontheirown #independenthomeschoolers

There is nothing more important to most Christian parents than the #Salvation of their children. - @DrJamesCDobson #ParentWell

48 years ago today, the first episode of Sesame Street debuted. Watch a clip of the very first episode below! #SesameStreetDay

Introducing the #FamilyTalk’s #ParentingChallenge! Click the link to sign up for the challenge.


Do you get those dreaded homeschool questions about socialization? Here is great input from a homeschooler...

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