This year’s Re-Enrollment Deadline is Thursday, August 15. Families may re-enroll online – https://pathways-academy-2019-20-re-enrollment.cheddarup.comat with several payment options available OR stop by the Admin table at the Pathways’ Family Kick-Off.  

The Pathways’ Family Kick-off is set for Thursday, August 15 from 10am-Noon at the Kiwanis Pavilion & playground located in Noccalula Falls Park. We hope you will come join us for all of the info and fun activities at this year’s Kick-off. There are so many wonderful opportunities for clubs, classes, activities, and events this year! Don’t miss out! It is going to be a fun and very informative day! Teens from our service clubs will be entertaining the kiddos on the playground. Food, drinks, snow cones, and desserts will also be available. Please consider helping our service clubs jump start their fundraising projects for this school year. 

Please note: Due to kick-off duties, the school office will be CLOSED on August 15. It will re-open at Noon on Thursday, August 22, 2019. Our annual “How to Homeschool High School” seminar will also be held on August 22 from 2-4pm.  Families with students in 9-11th grade are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP here:

Any questions? Please feel free to email an admin or send a message through the Pathways’ FB page – 

We look forward to assisting your family with your homeschool journey this year.

Pathways’ Academy Administrators & Staff

“Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth & teach me, for you are God my Savior, & my hope is in you all day long.”-Psalm 25:4-5





Thursday, May 30 is the Final Office Day for the 2018-19 School Year!

If you forsee that your family will need a transcript or need any form(s) signed (Driving permit, insurance, SSI, work permit, dual-enrollment agreement, etc.) before the school office re-opens at Noon on Thursday, July 11, 2019, please be sure to visit the Resource Center or contact us no later than 4pm on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

After Thursday, May 30, the Resource Center will be CLOSED to allow our Administrators and Staff members to enjoy a short summer break with their families.  The Resource Center offices will RE-OPEN at Noon on Thursday, July 11, 2019.  If an emergency arises while the office is closed, Pathways’ families may contact an admin by leaving a voicemail (calls to the school office will still be monitered) or sending an email.  Please help us help you by providing a complete message with your full name and the situation you need help with.

Prospective Pathways’ families may consult the Pathways Academy Enrollment Packet for information on Pathways’ Enrollment polices and procedures.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in allowing our staff members to spend time with their families. We wish you and your family a wonderful and safe summer!

Your Pathways Academy Administrators & Staff

Pathways Academy Class of 2018 
Senior Slideshow Presentation

We take great joy in congratulating the Pathways Academy Class of 2018 as they celebrate their many accomplishments leading up to this milestone of graduating from high school. Each of you have fulfilled your high school requirements for graduation and are now ready to fulfill the promise of preparation for college and/or the career of your choice.

We know we can expect to see great things from each of you in the coming years. With each step forward, you’ll find the clarity, courage and confidence to fulfill God’s plan for your life. We will be praying for continued success in all of your future endeavors! Remember, wherever your journey takes you, your Pathways’ family, friends and homeschool community will always be here to support and encourage you along the way! Godspeed on your journey! ~ Proverbs 3:5-6





Have you booked your family’s Spring Portrait Session for this Friday yet? Several appointment times are still available for this Friday, May 4, 2018.

We encourage you to grab the best appointment time for your family as soon as possible.








Families are invited to attend and celebrate our current K, 5th, and 8th grade students as they prepare to meet the challenges of promoting to the next grade for the 2018-19 school year.

Pathways Academy
Undergrad Promotion Ceremony

2pm on Saturday, May 5, 2018
North Glencoe Baptist Church
1119 Chastain Blvd.
West Gadsden, AL

Homeschool Moms ~ Come join us at 6pm on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month (August – May) as seasoned homeschool moms, Darlene Harcrow and Susan Berger Allred,lead us in discussing homeschool topics designed to keep us informed and inspired to continue our homeschool journeys.

All Homeschool Moms and Prospective Homeschool Moms are welcome!  Lap babies are welcomed, but we encourage you to let your husband keep the kiddos at home tonight so we can all talk freely without worrying about our children overhearing our concerns and comments about their progress.

The Meeting of the Moms Support Group is held at the Pathways Academy Resource Center
(410 S. 3rd Street in downtown Gadsden).


Pathways Academy Class of 2018
Senior Recognition & Graduation Ceremony 

Saturday, May 19, 2018 
The Church at Wills Creek
(formerly CrossPoint Community Church) 

Everyone is invited.
General admission seating will begin promptly at 1:30pm.
We hope to see everyone there!

















Sponsored by COMPASS Christian Home Educators Support Group
MAY 14, 2018
Merry Go Round Skate Center
Gadsden, AL

All skaters are $4 each (Non-skaters do not pay.)
We ask that each family bring a snack or drinks to share with the group.



Our kids love to party and skate but to assure everyone gets a snack we will have a set time frame for snack. (2pm) and then games on the skate floor, such as: wipe out, hot potato and limbo! 

We will be announcing our annual COMPASS kick off date and early registration sheets will be available. This year the memberships will only be $5 and you will receive a digital newsletter as well as access to the COMPASS Facebook page, COMPASS Buy and Sell page, groups pages available through COMPASS, and not to mention all we have to offer! 

We will love for you to be a part of the COMPASS family and join us for COMPASS End of Year Skate Party.
Hope to see you guys there! 
Ryan Simon
COMPASS Chairman


The Pathways Academy Resource Center office is open on Thursday afternoons from Noon-4pm, except for the months of June & December and holidays posted on the school calendar.


The Pathways’ school office will be closed on Thursday, March 29, 2018 for the Easter Holiday.

The final office day of the 2017-2018 school year is Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Our High School Field Trip Coordinator, Mrs. Kim Morgan, invites all of the high school students to attend the Gadsden State Preview Day on October 26, 2017 at 9:00am. Students and parents will be touring the Wallace Drive Campus in Gadsden. Students can register and view an intenerary for Gadsden State Preview Day here –

Pathways Academy is an Alabama church school offering our enrolled families a legal covering, educational guidance, a strong support system, and the accountability necessary for promoting a thorough, Christ-centered education. It is our sincere prayer that Pathways Academy will provide an atmosphere in which families will seek God’s glory in all of their endeavors. The Pathways Academy Administrators and Board of Directors firmly believe the responsibility for a child’s education and the direction of his/her mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical growth is given by God to the parents of the child. Therefore, we think parent-teachers should be allowed to determine what their child(ren) learn, the best teaching method to fit their child(ren)’s learning styles, and how best to help their child(ren) pursue individual academic goals. As such, we provide the following information to help parents understand the homeschool options under Alabama law.

As of July 1, 2014 there are 3 options to legally homeschool in Alabama.

1. ENROLL IN A CHURCH SCHOOL– Families may enroll their children in a Church School located within the state of Alabama. This is the most popular and easiest option to homeschool legally in Alabama. Depending on which church school covering your family chooses to enroll, this option can allow families the most freedom.

According to Ala. Code § 16-28-1, “A church school includes only schools that offer instruction in grades K-12, or any combination thereof, including preschool, through on-site or home programs, and are operated as a ministry of a local church, group of churches, denomination, and/or association of churches which do not receive any state or federal funding.” Every child attending a church school is exempt from the requirements of this [compulsory attendance] section provided the child complies with the procedure in Ala. Code § 16-28-7 which requires a parent or guardian to file a church school enrollment form and report attendance to the church school in which their child is enrolled according to Ala. Code § 16-28-8.

By Alabama law, church school administrators are required to:
Keep records of attendance for each enrolled student

Notify the local Board of Education when a student withdraws or fails to re-enroll with the church school

Most Alabama church schools provide many more services and all church cover schools are allowed to set their own requirements for the good of the students enrolled. Please remember that enrolling in a church school IS a legal option under Alabama State Law. The Church School Enrollment form (CSEF) is filed with the local Board of Education in which your family resides. This is the only form that is required by law. The principals, secretary, counselors, teachers, and employees of your previous school are NOT legally entitled to any documentation regarding education in your home. While you should always be respectful to public and private school officials, you are not required to give them any paperwork other than the request for school records.

By law, parents of students enrolled in a church cover school are required to:
Submit a signed and validated enrollment form to their local Board of Education superintendent upon enrollment with a church school. This form must be resubmitted if the family or student moves to a new address. The church school is permitted to do this on your behalf, but the parent/guardian is responsible for making sure the Church School Enrollment Form has been submitted properly.

Parents are required to submit attendance records to the church school administrator.

2. PRIVATE SCHOOL OPTION – Alabama law states that a private school is established, conducted, and supported by a nongovernmental entity or agency offering educational instruction in grades K–12 or any combination thereof, including preschool, through onsite or home programs. A home may be the location where a child receives instruction as a student attending a private school. A parent may establish a private school in the home, or the home may be an extension of an existing private school. Please contact your local Board of Education for proper documentation. Before taking on this task, it is recommended that parents consider the time and energy necessary to establish a private school correctly and balance the roles of administrator, teacher, and parent. Assuming the role of administrator means you will be responsible for keeping accurate records, submitting reports (as required) to your local and state authorities, and fulfilling any requirements of the Alabama State Board of Education. You will be responsible for establishing guidelines for your students, signing and sending out all forms, transcripts and diplomas, and keeping permanent files on record for future requests from colleges and employers. You will need to stay aware of any changes occurring in the homeschool laws as the Alabama State School Superintendent can interpret the private school requirements differently at his/her discretion. Because this is a new option, there is a potential for challenges to be made and responsibility for failing to enroll your child(ren) correctly will fall on the parents, not the State. As such, we recommend families read and review HSLDA’s opinion of the private homeschool law thoroughly before undertaking this option.

3. UNDER INSTRUCTION OF A PRIVATE TUTOR – This option allows parents who are certified teachers or families wishing to hire a state certified teacher to serve as a tutor for their children. Teachers must report to the local Board of Education and provide instruction for at least three hours per day (between the hours of 8am & 4pm) for 140 days per year. Tutors are required to file an education plan with the county superintendent, keep a register of each student’s work including hours completed and attendance, as well as provide reports to the student’s local Board of Education and the Alabama State Board of Education (ALSDE). All requirements must be followed thoroughly according to ALSDE standards for the student to remain in compliance with Alabama law.


Teacher Qualifications: No qualifications are required to teach in a church or private school.
A private tutor must be a state-certified teacher. Ala. Code § 16-28-5.

Standardized Tests: Not required by Alabama statute.

Freedom from State Regulation: “Nonpublic schools, including private, church, parochial, and religious schools, offering educational instruction in grades K-12, as well as home-schooled students, are not subject to licensure or regulation by the state or any political subdivision of the state, including the State Department of Education.” Sec. 2(b), Act 2014-245.

College Anti-Discrimination Provisions: “Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, no public two-year or four-year institution of higher education in the state may deny admission to or otherwise discriminate against an otherwise qualified student based on the consideration, whether in whole or in part, that the student attended, graduated from, or is enrolled in a nonpublic school, including private, church, parochial, and religious schools, or was home schooled.” Sec. 6, Act 2014-245.

Religious Freedom Act: Alabama Constitutional Amendment No. 622
The Religious Freedom Restoration Amendment (RFRA) gives religious home educators another legal means to protect their right to home school. If the parents’ free exercise of religion is substantially burdened by having to comply with the homeschool law, the parents may use the RFRA as a defense or file suit against the state. Under this statute, the burden is on the state to prove that its requirement “furthers a compelling state interest” and is the “least restrictive means” of fulfilling its interest that children be educated. This Act restores the highest protection of the individual’s right to freely exercise his religious beliefs taken away by the U.S. Supreme Court in its 1997 City of Boerne decision. 521 U.S. 507

This link contains the full text of Alabama SB 38:
HSLDA’s summary of Alabama Homeschool Law can be read here:


Alabama homeschoolers are allowed to participate in public school sports:
In 2016, the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) amended its bylaws to allow homeschool students and other “non-traditional students” to participate in interscholastic athletics with public schools.

The following pdf is from AHSAA concerning homeschool participation in public school sports as of 4/2016 –’s/AHSAA/Home%20School/Memo-%20for%20link%20to%20Non-traditional%20school%20laws%20changes.pdf?ver=2016-04-12-170214-927

There are numerous requirements for homeschool participation in public school sports. These requirements are subject to change as AHSAA deems it necessary. Therefore, we recommend homeschool families contact personnel at their local school for clarification as they consider this option for their child(ren).

PLEASE NOTE: Children enrolled in virtual school, charter school, public on-line school, or a public school independent study are not considered to be “homeschooled.” The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) defines homeschoolers as students whose education is primarily administered and controlled by parents privately. Enrollment in secular programs is enrollment in public school, which gives the public school authority over the student to impose state assessment, approval of curriculum, and supervision by a certified teacher. HSLDA membership and legal protection extends to traditional homeschoolers only.